Eating Well

DON’T BE FOOLED: When feeling hungry, drink a glass of water; dehydration can
mask itself as hunger.

OPTICAL ILLUSIONS:  Use small lunch plates when serving meals.

SLOW DOWN:  Put your fork or food down on the table and your hands on your lap between bites.

HALF AND HALF:  Put what you normally eat on your plate, then take some off
and pack it away for lunch the next day.

DON’T MISS THE LIST: When going to the store, take a list and don’t buy anything extra.

THE BIG SWITCH: Beware of low fat foods; the fat is often replaced by sugar.

QUICK FIX: Premeasure healthy snacks, such as pretzels, grapes, almonds, etc., to grab when you are in a rush.

Getting Fit

STEP IT UP:  Get off the bus either one stop before or after your regular stop and walk to your destination.

CATCH UP: Grab a neighbor and walk around the block 3-4 times to catch up on news.

MOVE MORE: Take items upstairs individually instead of letting things pile up.

MULTI-TASKING:  During commercials, see how many sit-ups or jumping jacks you can do. Make it a competition with other family members.