Our Strategy

Uniting for Life was a volunteer lead organization until 2010 when the Board was able to engage nonprofit professionals to transition it to the next phase of its development.  In its next phase, Uniting for Life will have an even greater impact on the health and well-being of Baltimore communities by supporting critically ill individuals and helping others avoid the suffering that comes from preventable illnesses.  We are implementing our strategic plan by expanding our Board of Directors, developing new programs and partnerships, and raising funds to support our work.  Our website provides motivational and supportive tools for improving health.  We are also in the process of establishing several programs to assist minority communities: 

The Robin D. Campbell Compassion Fund supports health and wellness by offering quality of life grants and assistance for those with urgent health needs.  The fund is named for a founding board leader who, even while battling breast cancer, devoted herself to compassionately supporting others like her.

Plans are underway for our Obesity Offensive, a model collaboration to address the growing crisis of obesity in minority communities that contributes to so many social and health problems endured by disadvantaged individuals of Maryland.  These problems include sky-rocketing health care costs, diabetes, heart disease, depression, reduced educational and employment opportunities, disabilities and premature death. 

In order to achieve our purpose of improving minority health, Uniting for Life has joined with a diverse group of private sector and community partners. To date, we have created partnerships with the American Diabetes Association of Maryland, Fox 45, Be the Match Foundation, and the John Thompson, III Foundation.  We continue to seek additional partnerships to leverage our resources to better achieve our goals.